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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nasty Southern Senators

In the end even George Bush had to agree that allowing the auto industry to go under and causing the unemployment of 3.2 million people was a bad idea. As he explained on Fox News although he is a "free market guy" he was not going to permit the economy to completely implode. Not on his watch. But what about those Senators from the South like Shelby from Alabama?

Senator Shelby adamantly opposed any bail-out arguing that it would delay the inevitable collapse of the auto industry. The good Senator seemingly oblivious to the jobs of all those Americans. Notably, not one economist I have heard of thought it was a good idea to allow the collapse of the auto industry and in fact most were emphatic they had to be bailed out since bankruptcy would not help either. But at least Senator Shelby is consistent: he also voted against the banking bail-out even though every economist on earth agreed it was needed to stop a complete catastrophe.

What gives then? Is Senator Shelby a closet economic guru who knows that a complete implosion of the economy is actually good while we all assume it will be bad? Republican Senators Cochran and Wickner from Mississippi also voted against the banking bail-out while hailing from consistently the poorest state in the union. Nothing from Senator Shelby's back ground (a lawyer) indicates that he has any particular economic experience and yet he has led the charge against both bail-outs.

Senator Shelby's state is home to several titans of the foreign auto industry like Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Hyundai. Senator Shelby has used these companies as examples of businesses which are well operated and do not have to run to Uncle Sam when things get rough. Of course, both Mercedes-Benz and Toyota come from socialist countries where pensions and medical care are paid for by the state while American companies are saddled with enormous legacy costs from previous and current employees. Anybody see the irony that foreign companies do better because they come from socialist countries?

Not that Senator Shelby is against the government helping out private industry here and there: Alabama granted $778 million in tax breaks to Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Hyundai to encourage them to build plants in that state. The return for Alabama and other southern states has been in the billions. What is truly disturbing is Senator Shelby's disregard for the well being of so many Americans.

I realize his constituency is from Alabama but does that mean that he does not give a hoot about his American brothers and sisters in the Northeast? The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) was a government financed project that brought power and running water to huge areas of the south to include Alabama. In fact the TVA is still the source of power for some of those foreign owned manufacturing plants that Senator Shelby champions. Why is it that the American taxpayer can foot the bill to provide a decent living standard to the South in 1933 while Senator Shelby flippantly disregards millions of American jobs in 2008? I am sure Senator Shelby will explain that he does not believe in handouts. Adhering to principles your mother told you about is all well and good but sometimes (like in the middle of a Republican created economic crisis) you have to think outside the box. The people of Alabama and Mississippi should not have to rely on other state's senators to overrule their own when it comes to making the right decisions for the country.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our country was meant to be a place of liberty and freedom, not big government. I want my country to be run by constitution-respecting leaders, not those who blatantly ignore the constitution.

Will, isn't it kind of funny that you guys are on a sports station, formerly conservative talk, and you are preaching approaches that would be atrocious in any sport? Do you think that it would be right for with the Angels, for example, up 10-2 for the umpire to say, "Since we have this new policy in place, you will have to give 6 of your runs to the opposing team, because we want to be fair. And don't worry, since nobody wins or loses, you don't even need your good players. Fail as much as you want to, and it'll be o.k." That's what Obama and others want to do to our nation, not reward success or demerit failure, but rather reward losers and hurt winners. I think you should really consider following your dollars on the tax policy as supposed to the "messiah".

By the way, Republicans did not create the crisis, Democratic policies forcing bad loans started it all.

Greyson Peltier
12 years old

P.S.: Shawn, keep up the good conservative work!

June 1, 2009 at 7:58 PM  

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